Instruments, Software and Automation Systems for Astronomers

At Tigra Astronomy, we develop software and instruments for astronomers and we automate observatory systems. If you own a telescope and you connect your computer to it, there is a fair chance that you are already running our software.

We support The ASCOM Initiative and we've developed a number of commercial ASCOM drivers, which were either commissioned by the vendor or which we sell direct to the end user. Our drivers are in use at several major UK universities, the Royal Observatory Greenwich and in NASA. We also contributed components to the ASCOM Platform itself. We continue to support ASCOM by hosting development servers for ASCOM contributors.

Our mission is to take astronomy to the network and to eliminate annoying and unreliable USB and serial port connections.

We are always looking for new projects to get involved in. We undertake all sorts of projects, from firmware development, ASCOM driver development, Windows applications, mobile applications. We also help astronomers set up their observatories and automate them, with or without use of The Internet.

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