ASCOM Unified Driver for Meade Telescopes

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Tigra Astronomy is working hard on developing a new, ultra modern unified driver for all Meade and Meade-compatible telescopes, mounts and drive systems.

The product is not quite ready to be released to the public yet, but we will soon be looking for alpha and beta testers and we will be seeking feedback from Meade users to help us decide what features to include and which features to prioritize.

If you are interested in helping us develop this exciting new driver, or if you'd just like to know when it is available, then please sign up to our mailing list using the signup form at the bottom of the page. We will contact you when there is any news regarding the driver.

Planned Features for release 1.0

  • Remote Operation. Our driver installs in two parts (which can be on the same computer or two different ones). One part provides the ASCOM interface, the other part controls the telescope.
  • Multiple client access. The 'server' part of the driver can accept connection from multiple clients, so you can connect muiltiple applications at the same time, even if they are running on different computers.
  • Custom configurations. Our driver is engineered using modern object-oriented design techniques and supported devices are composed from a pallette of different algorithms. We will supply pre-built configurations for the devices that we directly support. If the driver doesn't directly support your particular hardware, it should be possible to create a custom composition, by editing a simple text file, that works with your mount.
  • Device auto-detection. The driver will detect the connected device and adapt to it automatically. We will provide a manual override so you can force a particular device.
  • Full ITelescopeV3 implementation (subject to device capabilities).
  • ASCOM 6.1 compatibility - works with the latest version of the ASCOM Platform

NOTE: We have not prioritized development of this driver due to the very poor sign-up rate on the mailing list. We need an absolute minimum of 100 subscribers to stand even a remote chance of breaking even on the development costs; so far we don't have even half of that. If you would like to help the project along, please share this sign-up link with your colleagues who you think might be interested. Please Like and Share this page on Facebook and in any groups or mailing lists you belong to where users might be interested. We will not complete the driver if it is clear there is no market for it.

Suggestions Welcome

If you would like to request a feature that you don't see above, or if you would like to leave any feedback, please let us know! Email me (Tim at tigra-astronomy dot com) directly.

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