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The Singularity Project

Tags: open-source, free software, free, software, software-engineering, software engineering, astronomy, astronomers

Singularity is an evolution in astronomy standards and interoperability. ASCOM compatibility is a primary concern, but Singularity will go beyond ASCOM with cross-platform, network centric design based on modern platforms and practices. The project was born out of growing discomfort with the perceived limitations and viscosity of the ASCOM Platform.

The project is currently in the conceptual/experimental stage and we are looking for a small team of developers to become Projet Founders and help bootstrap the project and influence the direction of the next generation of astronomy apps, tools and instruments. Founders should be forward thinking and dedicated to agile principles and practices, such as test driven development, peer code review, continuous integration. If you are interested, please get in touch.

We have created a Git source repository on BitBucket that will serve as a home for discussion documents and the code when we eventially create it.

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