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Horizon Data Interchange

Tags: horizon, import, export, utility, free, open-source

We have created a command line utility for Horizon Data Interchange

TL;DR: source code | Windows Executable | Project Home Page

About TA.Horizon

The utility is designed to move horizon definition data between various astronomy programs. This data can be tricky to capture and no-one wants to do it more than once. Now you can easily export your horizon data to a backup file, or copy it between your various astronomy programs.

TA.Horizon is free, open source and covered by the Tigra Astronomy MIT license which is ridiculously permissive.

Project Goals

We wanted to meet several needs with this utility that aren't currently covered elsewhere.

  • We specifically wanted a command line utility so it is simple and scriptable, so the process can be automated.
  • We wanted "XCOPY deployment", i.e. there is no setup, so we can drop it into a DropBox and have it sync to several computers.
  • Our initial use-case was exporting the horizon from AstroPlanner and importing into ACP but the program has been extended to import and export from several other programs.
  • We wanted to be able to easily add support for other programs and file formats
  • We wanted it to be open source so that others can extend what we've done and to write good quality clean code, so others can understand it.

Support of ACP and AstroPlanner was initially created by Tigra Astronomy in 2015. David Wormuth shared the vision and added support for both TheSky and Observer Pro in 2016 (thanks, David!)

Currently, the utility has the following support:



The source code and documentation is at: - we've fully documented what developers need to do to make custom importers and exporters, so please feel free to fork the project and/or make pull requests.


No installation necessary. Simply unzip the files to a convenient directory, then run TA.Horizon.exe from a command prompt.

The latest binaries can be obtained from the BitBucket source repository, in the Downloads section.

Help is included in the program, simply run TA.Horizon.exe with no parameters to see help.

We have obtained successful results using the following command line:

.\TA.Horizon.exe --Importer Astroplanner --Exporter Acp --SourceFile .\SampleData\AstroPlanner

We are hoping that some developers will have a burning desire to add support for their favourite programs.

Best regards, Tim Long - Tigra Astronomy

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