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Monkton Stargazers is an informal group of amateur astronomers of all levels of experience, clustered around Thanet Observatory. We communicate via a Facebook group and we'd be happy to say hello to you there.

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Tigra Astronomy is actively involved in operating and maintaining the observatory. We use our own software and products to drive the twelve-inch Newtonian telescope housed in a spacious custom built observatory dome.

We hold monthly scheduled public viewing events on the 4th Friday of every month. In addition to the scheduled public viewing events, we also run 'impromptu' sessions to take advantage of good observing weather. We could also arrange special sessions if a group is interested in visiting.

Thanet observatory is located within Monkton Nature Reserve, which is managed by Thanet Countryside Trust. The nature reserve operates a membership scheme and reserve members get free access to the astronomy sessions.

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In 2014 Tigra Astronomy constructed a second observatory alongside the existing Thanet Observatory, which we have named Tigra Automatic Observatory, or TAO. Still under construction at the time of writing, the aim of this smaller observatory is to provide a fully automatic scientific instrument that can be controlled remotely, over the internet, using a web browser.

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