ASCOM driver for AWR Microstep Drive System imminent upgrade 6.1

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Over the past few weeks, we have been working towards release 6.1 of our ASCOM Telescope driver for AWR Microstep Drive System. We have been beta testing at a couple of observatories and things are coming along nicely. I expect to be making a release within a week or two.

Some of the features and bug fixes in the upcoming release are detailed here.


  • [AWR-42] - Sync to Park position - Resolved as "won't fix"
  • [AWR-46] - Installer places the ProgID in place of the driver description
  • [AWR-67] - When the COM port is changed in the setup dialog, the new value does not take effect until next time the driver is loaded


  • [AWR-43] - Display a dialog box if the IH firmware is lower than the minimum required version

New Feature

  • [AWR-49] - MoveAxis support so that programs like SGP can 'nudge' the mount.
  • [AWR-52] - new custom actions that let an application control the Drive Box relays
  • [AWR-53] - Protocol changes/additions for Firmware 1.730 (breaking changes)
  • [AWR-54] - firmware 1.730 adds direct tracking control and built-in parking and we use those features if we detect that firmware.
  • [AWR-56] - Thread safety for multi-threaded client applications such as SGP

If you have current upgrade protection, the update will be free, otherwise you can purchase the product from our online store.

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